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    I am a stay at home working mom to 3 boys and 1 girl- all under 9 years old. I have been taking photos professionally for over 8 years. I took a break to have my children and now I am diving back in.

    My goal is to be creative, professional, different and affordable. I give my clients personal attention that is unique to each session. I have some ideas and suggestions, but also welcome you to bring your own ideas and be relaxed.

    I like to be a "behind-the-scenes" photographer who captures you being just "you" and those fresh, candid moments we all want to remember. My mission is to capture different aspects of my clients they may not even think about. I try to preserve emotion in my work and capture it in print.

Texas Tulips Pilot Point

Last night I went out to meet some other photographers in my area to do a meetup and take some photos of my kiddos. I took my daughter, Jillian and my son, Jack. The Texas Tulips is a new farm of just tulips, it is a pull and buy type place. The parking is free and entrance is free, you may pick any tulip and buy for $2.50, they will wrap them up for you and put them in some gel for the ride home. My daughter had fallen asleep on the hour drive to get out there, and was very cranky but when she saw the tulips she was so excited. She loved naming all of the colors, she is 3 and also picked a few to take home. Here are a few of my favorites! The sun was very strong and there is no shade, so I really had better photos close to 7:00 pm. 

Galveston and More Previews from Summer

I went to Clearlake two weeks ago with the family and did a few family photoshoots while I was near the coast. My boys went to space camp at the Johnson Space Center and we had a great time, we decided to stay one more night. It was a much-needs vacation with the family. I have had a pretty steady Summer, doing a lot of full sessions and newborns which I really enjoy, more time with each client to get to know them and see what fits their needs best. 

Summer is here!

We are in full sing Summer over here and we have had some dry spells but also some great sun, cooler temps and wonderful light! I am so thrilled with the new editing techniques I am learning and continue to grow and strive to be the best I can be to keep the light alive. This years’ theme has been a lot of water, lake and creeks. I am doing some truck and van themes in the next few weeks and then BEACH!!! 

William and Nolan

Mr. William and Mr. Nolan are identical, so fresh and new, that we could not tell them apart. The trick with tho scenario is to paint their nails in order to tell them apart. We couldn’t do that for the shoot, so we noticed Nolan had a “navy” bruise on his hand from a IV, so that is how we worked with these guys at their firs photoshoot. At three weeks old, they did so well and only woke up once. Big sister had fun with my animal sounds impressions. 

Family Session

The value of a family session is so much more than an amount of money you spend. Full sessions are uniquely you and designed with your family’s needs. More one-on-one time to capture children and parents in a relaxed atmosphere. Summer is a great time and not too hot in the early morning hours or in the golden hour of sunset. Next time you are thinking and planning a family session. Consider doing a full hour session. There is much more captured and no pressure to get it all done in just a few minutes. I treasure these full sessions. This family met me at the nature center in Southlake. The kids had fun twirling in the grass and taking turns doing a photo with just mom and just dad. The light and the nature makes this session so beautiful and unique. 

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